Sample paper Science Questions CBSE 10

9/24/2015 CBSE

Sample paper� Science Questions CBSE

Q.1 What is the name of
physical quantity which is equal to V/I

Ans. Since V/I =R where R is called the
resistance of the conductor. Therefore, the required physical quantity

is resistance.

Q.2 Write the type of
reactions in the following :

(i) Reaction between an
acid and a base.

(ii) Rusting of iron.

Ans. (i) Neutralisation reaction. (ii)
Oxidation reaction.

Q.3 Give the names of the
functional groups.

(i) � CHO (ii) C = O

Ans. (i) Aldehyde group (ii) Ketone group

Q.4 Write the function of
Iris in the human eye.

Ans. Iris is a coloured muscular diaphragm
that controls the size of the pupil.

Q.5 What is the S.I. unit
of electrical potential ?

Ans. S.I. unit of electrical potential is

Q.6 Choose a strong acid
and a strong base from the following :


Ans. HCL Strong acid

KOH Strong base

Q.7 What are esters ? Write
an equation to show the formation of an ester.

Ans. Esters are sweet smelling organic
compounds. Their function group is R1COOR2, where R1 and
R2 are alkyl

H 5OH ��������� H2SO4

CH3 COOC2 H2 ��+ ���H2 O

Ethanoic ��������
Ethanol����������� ���������� �����������Ethyl ethanoate



Q.8 An
electric iron has a rating of 750 W, 220 V. Calculate :

(i) Current
passing through it, and

(ii) its
resistance, when in use.


Ans. P = 750 watt, V = 220
volt. I = ? r = ?


We know P = VI


(i) I (Current) = 750 /220


= 3.4 ampere


and (ii)� V= R/1


R (Resistance) = 220 /64.7


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