9/15/2015 CBSE

1. Curved surface area of a cone is thrice and
curved surface area of the other. Slant height of

second cone is thrice the slant height of first.
Find ratio of their radii.

�2. A well of 2m diameter is dug 14m deep on the
ground. Find the volume of earth taken out.

3. Volume of a solid sphere is 36πcm
. Find its radius.

4. A boy recasted a cone of 4cm height and 27cm
radius into a solid sphere. Find the radiusof the sphere.
5. What will be the volume of a cylindrical tank
whose radius is 7 cm and height is 5 cm?

6. How many solid spheres of� 2/3
cm radius can
be made from a solid sphere of 2 cm radius?

7. The volume of a right circular cylinder is 392 π
and its height is 8 cm. Find the radius?
8. How much Aluminium sheet will be required to make
a container with lid whose length is 13 m, breadth is 8 m and height is 4

� 1. 9:1

2. 44m�
� 3. 3cm
� 4 . 9cm

5. 770cm�

6. 2714. 3 units

� 7� . 7cm

� 8� . 376m�

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