Art Direction

12/11/2014 Career

Art direction is one of the most promising career options today,
considering the size of the entertainment industry in India.
Proliferation of satellite TV channels, stage shows, drama, and theatre,
along with feature films have thrown up limitless opportunities in the
field of art direction. The job profile consists of an exhaustive list,
such as selecting the right location, conceiving visuals in 3D, working
in close co-ordination with the film director, cinematographer, and
costume designer to develop the feel and look of each frame to supervise
the decoration and sticking to the budget allocation.

Course Details
are several courses like PG diploma and certificates courses in art
direction. The minimum qualification for PG diploma courses is
graduation in any discipline. Normally, the duration of this course is
2-3 years but there are also short-term courses of just one year offered
by some institutes. Besides, there are certificate courses in art
direction as well. In addition to these training programs, art directors
must have some inherent qualities to excel in this field.

Career Prospects
directors have multiple career opportunities. They can work with
production houses and advertising agencies for directing feature films,
TV serials and programmes, reality shows, and ad campaigns. Art
directors can also excel in theatre and drama. They can work with
various government departments apart from the public broadcasters in
directing specific programmes pertaining to that department. Lucrative
employment opportunities in media houses, particularly electronics
media, are available in plenty. For a fresh graduate, it is best to
start working under an established art designer and pick up tricks of
the trade during the course of the job.

Top Colleges Offering UG/PG/Other Courses
of the most popular film and TV colleges, which offer courses in art
direction in India, are: Film and Television Institute of India (FTII),
Pune; National School of Drama, New Delhi; Satyajit Ray Film and
Television Institute, Kolkata; Asian Academy of Film and Television,
Noida; and Film & Television Institute of Tamil Nadu, Chennai.

in art direction depend upon the personal attributes of an art
director, like creativity, innovation, and out-of-the-box thinking
abilities. A fresh graduate, working as an assistant under some reputed
art director, may get low salary. However, after some quality
experiences, he can establish himself in the film fraternity and earn
high pays, even in lakhs, for a single assignment.

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