Screenplay Writing

12/11/2014 Career

Screenplay can be defined as a written document that consists of the
story of a film or a television program. Through screenplay, one can
describe all visual and behavioral elements which are essential for
explaining a story. All the work of a director, cast, editor, and
production team revolves around the screenplay or the script. Therefore,
it becomes highly significant for a scriptwriter to draft a script that
is comprehensive and clear, so as to let every member of the team (in a
film or a television program) get a brief idea about the narrative.
There are two important components of writing a screenplay - action and
dialogue. While action is written in present tense, dialogues, on the
other hand, are written for the characters of the film/television
serial/telefilm. Therefore, screenplay or scriptwriting depends on the
mind and thinking of a scriptwriter. Screenplay writing has emerged as a
well-paid job, because success of a motion picture predominantly lies
in its screenplay. A number of institutes in India conduct courses for
screenplay writing.

Course Details
India has a number
of institutions that run programs for screenplay writing, at
undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The curriculum generally includes
the layout of screenplay, development of idea/plot of the story,
creation of characters, and so on. The eligibility for UG courses is
10+2 pass, from any recognized Board. For PG courses, graduation in the
relevant field is necessary.

Career Prospects
can prove to be highly lucrative yet challenging, at the same time. The
result of a film or a television program largely depends upon the way
the screenplay is written. After pursuing a course in screenplay
writing, one can develop screenplay for stories from different genres,
such as comedy, drama, science fiction, action, romantic etc.

Top Colleges Offering UG/PG/Other Courses
institutes in India enroll students to courses in screenplay writing.
Center for Research in Art of Film & Television, Delhi; Film and
Television Institute of India, Pune; Whistling Woods International,
Mumbai; MONttAGE Film & Television Academy, Mumbai; and National
Academy of Media Education (NAME), Mumbai are some prominent
institutions in India offering screenplay writing programs.

writers can earn respectable five- to six-figure salaries. However, the
remuneration solely depends upon the writer�s work, creativity, and
thinking. The salary also varies according to the type of project one is
associated with � whether it is a film, short-story, telefilm, or
television serial

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