Careers in Hairstylists


World is changing fast and so do the lifestyles. In this very changing cosmopolitan world, people are becoming more and more attentive and conscious about their appearances. And this applies their only to women's but also men's appearances. Everyone wants to look better, more handsome and smarter. Clothes cover the body in various stylists' outfits. Face can be groomed with cosmetics and toiletries. Is that all? What about the very top most appearance - the hair? Nowadays mere hair cut is no solution for the men who want to appear dashing at parties, dance floors, functions or felicitations. When every other things is in style then why not hair? Nowadays hairstyles are getting into fashion. This very much necessitates the existence of Hairstylists. The changing lifestyles have 'created' a new group of service providers - the Hairstylists.

Gone are the days when the job of Hairstylist was considered to be a low profile and low-paying job meant for a particular section of the traditional society. The upcoming demand of Hairstylists has created a new group, which is purely based on talents, hard work, creative bent of mind and scientific understanding of the chemistry and biology of hairs. To be successful in this field, one does not need to have the backing of a genetic pool. It's an art that has to be learnt systematically through concentration and dedication.

A good Hairstylist should have certain basic qualities. The person should be a goos stress manager, be honest and positive, should have flair for interaction and should have a plastic bent of mind. These will help to cater to the needs of their customers more efficiently and according to their needs. Creativity is a vital element that Hairstylists need to have, develop or inculcate. Every person has his own choices, therefore depending on their choices and many other factors (such as colour of hair, density of hair, length of hair, climate of the region and working environment of the customer) a Hairstylist has to think and mould the style. Here again plasticity is more important. Two persons sharing the same tastes may not look at their best in the same hairstyle.

There is no basic educational qualification to become a Hairstylist. However, one should have basic understanding of things which will help to learn further in different courses. Knowledge of a foreign languages will definitely be an asset, as it will help to serve foreign customers, too, with diligence and personal rapport.

There are a number of courses varying from three-month certificate courses to two-year diploma courses that are offered by different institutes. Enough exposure is provided in the courses itself for prospective Hairstylists to help work them as independent

Tremendous , but for those who really want to carve a niche for themselves. A qualified beauty professional has option to work with leading saloons, deluxe hotels, fashion photographers, event managers, big corporate and beauty product companies, television serials, etc. There are plenty of high-paying opportunities abroad for such professionals as well, especially in the Middle East. A groomed Hairstylist starts earning riht from the very day he enters the course as various institutes offer stipend apart from in-house absorption of the manpower. With sheer hard work, creativity and entrepreneurship one can become celebrity Hairstylists where the earning potential can vary from Rs. 30,000 to Rs.1,00,000 per month.

Various Indian and leading international cosmetic and FMCG companies like HLL (Lakme Beauty Saloon), Marico (Kaya Skin Clinic), Keune, CavinKare, French-based L'Oreal (HFX) and German major, Wella, have stepped into the saloon business, Market analysts maintain that there is a huge potential in this field. There is a gap in favour of number of professionals required and number of professionals available.
Where to Study
Nalini & Yasmin Khar Road, West Mumbai (Run by Nalini Naegamvala and Yasmin Eranee).
Emeralde International Institute of Hair & Beauty Pedder Road, Mumbai (Run by Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar with Ashoke Bhabani and Nitin Kalwani).
Juice Hair Academy Pedder Road, Mumbai (Run by Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar with Ashoke Bhabani and Nitin Kalwani).
Habib's Hair Academy South Extension, New Delhi (Run by Jawad Habib and his family).
Pivot Point Kailash Colony, New Delhi (Run by Samantha and Blossom Kochhar).
Shahnaz Hussain's Women's World International Greater Kailash, New Delhi.
International Polytechnic for Women South Extension, New Delhi.
Vandana Luthra Academy of Beauty and Hair Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi.
. Spratt Academy of Hair Design Brigade Road, Bangalore (Run by Rita Spratt).

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